Why it matters: Mobile World Congress 2019 is here, and companies are rolling out and announcing all the newest mobile technology. It’s not just tablets and smartphones though. MicroSD technology had big announcements as well.

Earlier this morning we reported that the SD Association had announced the SD 7.1 specification at MWC, which offers faster PCI Express and NVMe interfaces for microSD cards. The new spec will allow microSD cards to have SSD-like performance.

Micron and Western Digital's SanDisk brand both had announcements that they would soon be releasing 1TB microSD cards. SanDisk says its card would have better performance than Micron’s with a read speed of up to 160MB/s versus 100MB/s. However, Micron has a slightly faster write speed of 95MB/s compared to WD’s 90MB/s.

Nintendo Switch owners may be happy to learn that they will soon have the ability to upgrade the capacity of their systems to be on par with Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles. Unfortunately, unless they want to wait until prices come down, they will likely have to pay more for the cards than they did for their Switch. The new high-capacity microSDs will probably be more attractive to those recording a lot of 4K video.

SanDisk said will be launching its 1TB microSD in April. However, it won’t come cheap. Expect to shell out about $450 for that much storage. Micron did not have a definite date nailed down saying that its cards would be ready for market sometime in the second quarter. No word on price, but expect it to be priced competitively.