Something to look forward to: Keynote speakers at Computex often have a lot to be proud of accomplishing and are given the opportunity to share their latest innovations. All eyes will be on Dr. Lisa Su this year to see what AMD has to bring to the table.

Computex 2019 is approaching, and it has just been revealed that AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su is giving the keynote speech. Expected announcements from AMD include Ryzen 3000 series processors, 7nm Epyc server processors, and "Navi" architecture graphics cards. The latest Ryzen series was already teased at CES earlier this year.

Beginning on May 28 and running through June 1, Computex is home to all sorts of computer hardware, in addition to trends including AI, 5G, Blockchain, and IoT devices. The standard affair of gaming and virtual reality booths will also be present as usual.

In Dr. Su's presentation, she will be joined by other high profile guests to discuss a "high-performance computing ecosystem," which presumably means server hardware will be a primary focus. Consumer grade hardware may take a backseat temporarily so Intel's team has plenty of time absorb that their days of completely dominating the data center market are coming to an end.

Dr. Su says, "With our partners, we will tell the story of how leading-edge technologies and an open ecosystem are driving an inflection point in computing and industry innovation and positively impacting several important markets." Beyond that, no key details of upcoming hardware have slipped out.

Given that AMD has earned the keynote position at Computex, it is safe to say there will be more news on 7nm Epyc, 3rd Gen Ryzen, and Navi GPUs. Until then, it is a waiting game to see just how much AMD will be able to shake up the market. What sort of specifications would be enough to get you to consider upgrading to the next Ryzen series? If there are any new Navi GPUs available for gamers, what would it take for you to part ways with a small premium for one?