The first stop on AMD's busy summer, CEO Dr. Lisa Su is set to take the stage for a pre-show Computex 2019 keynote where we hope to hear new details (or full blown announcements) about Ryzen 3000, the new X570 platform, chipset and accompanying motherboards, Epyc Rome server processors and possibly next-gen Radeon "Navi" GPUs.


AMD's Computex keynote will be livestreamed (embed above) starting at 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern, 3 AM in the UK and 10 AM local Taipei time.

Beginning this Tuesday, May 28 and running through June 1, Computex is home to all sorts of computer hardware, in addition to trends including AI, 5G, Blockchain, and IoT devices. The standard affair of gaming and virtual reality booths will also be present as usual.

AMD's CEO presentation is one of the pre-innaugural keynotes reserved for the higher profile companies, showing how AMD has been making real waves as of late. In Dr. Su's presentation, she will be joined by other high profile guests to discuss a "high-performance computing ecosystem," which presumably means server hardware will be a primary focus. Consumer grade hardware and particularly GPUs may take a backseat on this one (but we hope not) as AMD will also give presentations at E3 2019 next month and at Hot Chips this August.