Why it matters: Google has changed its stance when it comes to buying individual Stadia controllers. The only way to get hold of one or more controllers had been to buy the $129 Founder's Edition starter pack. Now, they can be purchased individually.

Google revealed new details about Stadia earlier this month and opened pre-orders for the streaming service. Those who want to play in November rather than waiting until next year have to opt for the Founder's Edition, which includes three months of Stadia Pro service, a "Buddy Pass" so a friend can use it free for three months, Destiny 2, an exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller, Stadia Controller Power adapter, Google Chromecast Ultra dongle, Google Chromecast Ultra Power adapter with an Ethernet port, and a Founder's Stadia name and badge.

While you can order extra controllers when purchasing the Founder's Edition, it had been impossible to buy one outside of this transaction. But Google has relented.

The individual controllers are now available to pre-order for $69 and come in the same Just Black, Clearly White, and Wasabi colors.

Google emphasizes that buying a controller does not mean you can play Stadia right away---you still need a subscription. It advises people to buy one only if they already have access to the Founder's Edition and are looking for a second controller, or if they have access to the Buddy Pass and want to use the Stadia controller.

In other Stadia news, Google says users will be able to change their onscreen IDs at any time, as long as the name they pick hasn't already been taken. It's unclear whether this will cost a fee.