The big picture: At last check, Spotify had 217 million active users, 100 million of which subscribed to the company’s premium offering. That still puts it way out in the lead but if rumors are to be believed, Apple is slowly closing the gap.

Apple’s paid streaming music service has eclipsed the 60 million subscriber mark, demonstrating consistent growth as of late.

Apple SVP in charge of services, Eddy Cue, revealed the milestone during a recent interview with French news site Numerama in Paris.

Back in April, sources familiar with the matter said Apple Music’s monthly growth rate was around 2.6 to three percent, higher than the 1.5 percent to two percent growth rate of chief rival Spotify. At the time, Apple was rumored to have north of 50 million subscribers.

Notably, Apple Music doesn’t have a free tier meaning all of its subscribers pay for the service. Paying members are far more valuable than those that utilize ad-supported tiers on other platforms.

Also worth noting is the fact that Apple Music launched just four years ago. Spotify, by comparison, has been around since 2008 although it wouldn’t be available in the US until the summer of 2011.

Masthead credit: Apple Music application by Wachiwit