Something to look forward to: Overwatch's newest hero is the gravity bending scientist, Sigma. There aren't any details about him other than a cool video short with him trying to experiment with a black hole which subsequently gives him cool gravity powers and a membership into Talon.

As if the Overwatch roster couldn't get any bigger, Blizzard has finally revealed their 31st hero after a tease on the official Overwatch Twitter account.

The new hero, codenamed Sigma, is apparently an astrophysicist who can control gravity. According to the introduction video, Sigma tries to experiment with gravity by attempting to control a black hole. However, he is unable to control it and ends up being hospitalized. The rest of the video short allows a glimpse into his mind where he seems haunted by his equations and some kind of melody.

Ultimately, he ends up developing a way to harness anti-gravity powers. He also ends up joining the criminal organization Talon, an outfit that already includes Doomfist, Moira, Reaper, Sombra, and Widowmaker.

Sigma is the latest hero in the Overwatch universe following the release of the combat medic, Baptiste. The video short is only a teaser and doesn't actually show Sigma in game or any of his moveset. It seems that he may be in the tank class given his burly appearance. In any case, the short is a haunting look into the mind of a mad scientist who is apparently "unaware that he is being used as a living weapon" according to Blizzard.

Other recent Overwatch updates include the addition of Role Queue, which allows players to choose what type of class (or role) they want to take before starting a match. This will hopefully allow players to consistently play the role they prefer and prevents matches where nobody plays the healer. The other major update is Overwatch Workshop which lets players create their own custom games using a simple scripting editor.

We'll have to wait a little later for Blizzard to put a full video on Sigma's capabilities. Until then, check out the video below.