The big picture: DKG-Prog hasn't provided an estimated completion date for the project nor do we even know if a public release is in the cards. With any luck, maybe it'll convince Nvidia and Epic to work together on an official remake with ray tracing effects added. Nvidia worked with Bethesda on a similar project for Quake II so it's not an unheard of idea. Fingers crossed!

Modder DKG-Prog last summer shared some early screenshots of a fan remake of the original Unreal game built using Epic's excellent Unreal Engine 4. The screens were somewhat promising but as DSOGaming highlighted at the time, the remake had "major issues that need to be addressed."

Fortunately, it seems as though the modder took the constructive criticism to heart and has done just that. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

The latest screenshots demonstrate some of the RTX ray tracing effects that have been added. As the publication notes, DKG-Prog has also implemented time of day options, new weapon and texture models, improved atmospheric scattering, reflectivity to glass and water surfaces, dynamic lighting for blinking lights and more.

For a game that originally launched in 1998, it looks great thus far.

BTW, you can grab Quake II RTX on Steam or as a standalone download directly from our download section.