WTF?! More than 50 residents of Henrico County in Virginia woke up Sunday morning to an unusual discovery - old television sets on their doorsteps. Stranger still was the surveillance footage captured by multiple doorbell cameras showing how the sets got there.

Jeanne Brooksbank, one of the recipients of an old CRT set, described the scene as something out of the Twilight Zone. "Everyone started coming out of their houses, walking around the neighborhood looking at the TVs there on the doorstep," she said.

The mysterious gift-giver was spotted in surveillance video wearing what looks like a tech repair outfit or jumpsuit... and a CRT on his / her head. Strange, right? Each set was strategically placed so the screen faced the home's front door. Police believe the delivery person had an accomplice - another individual in a white jumpsuit, also with a TV covering their face.

Matt Pecka, a lieutenant with the local police department, said there was no credible threat to residents, adding that it was strictly an inconvenience. It would seem that the only crime committed was illegal dumping.

Indeed, that could be one plausible motive - someone simply looking to offload some old junk. Then again, there are easier ways to dispose of electronic waste so we're probably just looking at a very odd prank, especially considering something very similar happened in the area around the same time a year ago.

Masthead credit: TV man by frankie's