Cool: Are you a cocktail connoisseur with a sizeable disposable income? If so, then you may be interested in LG's new refrigerator, which, at a cost of up to $4,399.99, can make spherical, slow-melting ice that doesn't dilute drinks as quickly as regular ice cubes.

LG's InstaView Refrigerators are able to make three, 2-inch diameter ice spheres in 24 hours. Each of the four models can store up to 25 of the fancy balls in the freezer draw bin, so you've always got some ready to drop in your expensive booze.

As noted by CNET, there are already dedicated machines available that make slow-melting ice, but they cost at least $2,000. One in particular is priced at $6,299, and it makes 18, 2.5-inch spheres in 24 hours---better than LG's products, but at least those can also be used as fridges. There's always the option of just using molds, of course, which would save you many, many thousands of dollars.

In addition to making what LG calls "Craft Ice," the company's latest fridge line also makes crushed and cubed ice in the refrigerator door. There's an automatic water dispenser that disperses exact amounts of fresh, filtered water for measuring drink mixes and recipes, too.

"LG is no stranger to offering first-to-market innovations that help make life good with forward-thinking technology for the home," said David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. "With the addition of LG Craft Ice to our award-winning InstaView Refrigerator lineup, the next step in the evolution of home entertaining is here to aid consumers with useful features sure to impress guests and make hosting easier than ever."

As the name suggests, the InstaView fridges come with tinted glass front panels. Users can see what's inside by knocking twice on the outside to illuminate the interior---no more wasting valuable seconds of your life opening and closing the door. The fridges are also Wi-Fi connected and respond to voice commands via Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.