What just happened? After months of reports claiming the phone was about to relaunch, it looks like Samsung has all but confirmed the Galaxy Fold is finally on its way. The company is once again allowing US consumers to pre-register for the folding device, suggesting a re-release is imminent.

The $2,000 Galaxy Fold was supposed to launch on April 26, but the display issues discovered by tech reviewers who were given early models prompted Samsung to delay the device. Since then, there have been numerous reports claiming that the problems had been addressed and the Fold was about to relaunch, but we're still waiting.

Back in July, Samsung said that the Fold would arrive in September, but not everyone was convinced. However, a Korean publication recently wrote that an official announcement would be made on September 6---the same day that Berlin's IFA 2019 event begins.

Seemingly confirming the Fold's upcoming launch is the fact that Samsung has once again opened up pre-registrations for the handset. These had been available before the delayed-release back in April but were canceled along with the eventual pre-orders following the Fold's postponement.

Pre-registrations are not the same as pre-orders, of course. You're not committing to buying the Fold and don't have to put any money down; it just means that Samsung will notify you when the phone is available to buy.

It's still unclear if Samsung will once again allow the Fold to be pre-ordered. It might skip these altogether, especially as AT&T and Best Buy had to cancel them in May and June. The exact launch date is still unclear, but expect it to be sometime this month.