Rumor mill: Remember the Galaxy Fold? You'd be forgiven if Samsung's device had slipped your mind, given that it's been over four months since the scheduled launch was put on hold until its issues were addressed. Not for the first time, reports have emerged claiming it's finally about to be released, and as soon as next week.

To recap, the $2,000 foldable device's original April 26 launch date was postponed after tech reviewers found the gap between the screen and body at the hinge was allowing debris to enter, causing damage to the display. Additionally, some people were removing the screen membrane after mistaking it for a regular screen protector.

Not long after the postponement, Samsung asked customers if they wanted to keep their Fold preorders. In May, reports arrived claiming the company had fixed the device's issues and it would arrive in June, but rather than consumers finally getting their hands on the phone, Samsung merely said a new release date would arrive soon and that it was "ready to hit the market," hmmm...

Another report of its imminent relaunch came in July, but still nothing. A few weeks later, Samsung said the Fold would release in September. According to a Korean publication, the company was finally being honest, and an official announcement will come on September 6. That's the same date as the start of IFA 2019, which would be an ideal place for Samsung to launch the long-delayed handset.

The report adds that the Fold will be released in South Korea first, with the US and China also getting it in September. No word on when it'll arrive for the rest of the world.

With so many reports of the Fold's upcoming launch proving inaccurate, one should probably take this with the usual pinch of salt. But after so many months and broken promises, Samsung must surely be ready to release its device.