Highly anticipated: OnePlus will officially unveil the update to the flagship killer, OnePlus 7 Pro, later this month. While the rumored spec bump may be modest, it will likely continue its reign as one of the best values in smartphones.

Tis the season of new smartphone announcements. Apple announced the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and Google is set to unveil the Pixel 4 in October (even though we know quite a bit already). Now, OnePlus has officially scheduled its own event to unveil the OnePlus 7T, the upgrade to the excellent 7 Pro. The reveal will be split into three events with the first two being on September 26th in India and North America. The last event will be on October 10th in London.

The event invitation itself is sparse on details other than confirming a 90Hz display which seems to becoming a new trend. Other rumors include an upgrade to the Snapdragon 855+ SoC, faster charging, and Android 10 out the box. The last point makes sense considering the OnePlus 7 Pro already has an open beta for Android 10. The camera is supposedly getting upgraded to a triple array within a round module. Finally, battery capacity will get a slight bump to 4,085 mAh on the 7T Pro and 3,800 mAh on the regular 7T.

Although the price has crept up since the original OnePlus One, the 7 Pro still remains one of the best bang for buck phones at $670. The current model still has 2019 flagship specs (including the 90Hz display) that make it harder to recommend more expensive phones. The "T" series is similar to the iPhone's "S" models in which it is a modest upgrade.

As great as that sounds, however, there may be a bit of bad news for our American readers. There have been rumors that the OnePlus 7T Pro will not be available in the United States, only the regular 7T. OnePlus will instead release a 5G version of the 7 Pro. Perhaps that's why OnePlus is having multiple events around the world.

In any case, these are just rumors after all and we'll have to wait till the 26th to get any concrete details along with pricing and release dates.