In context: Disney's video streaming service, Disney+, is set to launch on November 12, but it's already received reasonably positive impressions from testers and critics. It's certainly not likely to eclipse Netflix or Hulu in terms of popularity, but with a cheaper price tag and a good selection of Disney-friendly content, it seems safe to say it'll see a fair amount of success.

Unfortunately, the service might be hamstrung on release day. Although most other streaming services are available across all streaming boxes and TVs – thus exposing them to a much wider customer base – Amazon's Fire TV service has not been confirmed as a supported platform for Disney+.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, this may be due to an advertising dispute between Disney and Amazon.

The latter reportedly wants a greater ad presence throughout Disney's existing family of Fire TV-supported video apps; including the likes of ABC, ESPN, and Disney Channel. So far, Disney has allegedly refused to budge for the most part, which has put Disney+'s place in the Fire TV ecosystem – as well as that of the other Disney apps we just mentioned – in jeopardy.

So far, the most Disney has been willing to give up is "10% of its ad inventory," according to the Journal's sources. Whether or not that will be enough for Amazon remains to be seen, but a mutually-beneficial and swift resolution (ideally before Disney+'s launch) is desirable for all parties.

Not just for the two companies, but for consumers, who will ultimately benefit by having extra way to access the upcoming streaming service. After all, if you already own a Fire TV device of some sort, you likely won't want to pick up, say, an Apple TV box just so you can watch new Disney-exclusive shows or movies.

We'll keep you updated on the negotiations between Disney and Amazon as further details are revealed.

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