In brief: Google is in the process of pushing out a new version of Chrome to its stable channel. Chrome 78 introduces new default and experimental features as well as a host of bug fixes. Here's a preview of what you can expect to find in the search giant's latest iteration of Chrome.

One of the first things you'll likely notice when using Chrome 78 for the first time is that Tab Hover Cards are now enabled by default. Those who often have several tabs opened at once can find that it is difficult to quickly identify them. Tab Hover Cards aims to alleviate this with a bubbly overlay highlighting the page and site name.

Speaking of tabs, Google has removed some of the right-click menu options in hopes of decluttering things. You'll no longer see New tab, Close other tabs, Reopen closed tab and Bookmark all tabs context-menu options. Fortunately, the Close tabs to the right option persists.

In the experimental department, Chrome 78 now allows users to tinker with a feature called Password Leak Detection (chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection ) that will alert you if one of your logins is found in a data breach. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents ( chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark ), meanwhile, is another experimental flag which will automatically render all web content using a dark theme, even if the site doesn't explicitly offer one.

Google has additionally implemented no less than 37 security fixes in Chrome 78, the details of which can be found over on the Chrome blog.

Chrome 78 is available to download for Windows, MacOS and Linux as of writing and should be available on Android and iOS devices soon.

Masthead credit: Google Chrome by PixieMe