Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the field of medicine, as demonstrated by Amazon's most recent announcement. The company today revealed its latest advancement in AI-powered transcription services: Amazon Transcribe Medical.

Transcribe Medical has one main goal: free up the time of health professionals so that they may better serve their patients, or snag some much-needed rest after a busy day at a clinic or hospital. Transcribe Medical accomplishes this by eliminating a chunk of the grunt work that doctors are required to go through each day, namely, time spent entering complex health records into their employer's systems manually.

Here's the basic process: first, a doctor starts up Transcribe Medical and begins dictating their notes or thoughts on a given patient's status. The AWS-based service will automatically pick up this language without the need for any verbal punctuation like "comma" or "full stop." These notes will then be transcribed in real-time before the physician's eyes.

If the transcription proves accurate after a thorough check, the doctor in question can prompt Transcribe Medical to automatically feed the patient details to any relevant EHR systems, or even other health-oriented AWS services like Amazon Comprehend Medical. No human intervention is necessary here.

According to Amazon, US-based primary care physicians currently spend around 6 hours each day entering medical reports into EHR systems. With this in mind, it's not hard to see how useful Transcribe Medical could be, as long as it doesn't make too many mistakes.

If you're a doctor who thinks you could benefit from Transcribe Medical, the details surrounding how this technology works, and how you can take advantage of it, can be found right here.