In brief: For computing enthusiasts waiting for a more faithful recreation of the beloved Commodore 64, Retro Games Ltd. appear to be fulfilling pre-orders for those living in Europe. Unfortunately, there's no current indication on a US shipping date.

Thanks to the nostalgic wave of retro machines that has yet to crest, we learned earlier this year that the 8-bit 1980s gaming machine was getting a proper, full sized version. The C64, as it's called, was announced with a December launch window. Now, it seems the full-sized C64 is available for pre-order in Europe and will begin shipping soon.

The Commodore 64 has already received tribute in the form of last year's Commodore 64 Mini, and like other retro consoles before it, it served as a fun nostalgia trip (albeit on a smaller scale) but still received mixed reviews. Reviewers took particular issue with the joystick.

The C64 not only promises a full-sized keyboard, but an updated joystick as well. The full-sized keyboard will also allow users to load their own programs with multi-disk compatibility. The C64 will offer three switchable modes: C64, Vic-20, and Games Carousel Mode. There's also support for 720p HD output at 60Hz or 50Hz. The Games Carousel mode will come with 64 pre-installed games.