Bottom line: With the advent of social media and sharing, mobile photography has arguably never been more popular. As such, handset manufacturers are looking for any and every advantage that'll give them a leg up on the competition and ultimately help them sell more smartphones. In light of (no pun intended) this latest acquisition, Apple seemingly believes they have found a differentiator with Spectral Edge's tech.

Apple has reportedly purchased UK-based startup Spectral Edge Ltd. for an undisclosed sum.

Bloomberg was first to report on the acquisition after discovering a filing made public on Thursday that lists Apple corporate lawyer Peter Denwood as a director of the company. Other board members and advisers appear to have been terminated, the publication notes.

As TechCrunch highlighted in 2018, Spectral Edge was spun out of academic research at the University of East Anglin in 2014. The firm last year raised $5.3 million in a Series A round of funding from investors including IQ Capital and Parkwalk Advisors.

Spectral Edge develops technology designed to enhance the quality of low-light photos and videos on mass-market devices like smartphones, drones and even security cameras. Specifically, Bloomberg notes that the tech can make pictures crisper with more accurate colors.

Obviously, Apple is interested in the tech to boost the quality of images turned out by the iPhone.

Masthead credit: iPhone 11 Pro by Hadrian. Low light by African Studio