Hurry up and wait: If you were anxiously waiting to toss your wallet to Motorola to pre-order its new Android clamshell Razr the day after Christmas, it looks like you're going to have to sew up that hole your money burned in your pocket. Pre-orders and next month's launch have been postponed until further notice.

Motorola was poised to open pre-orders for its clamshell Razr with the foldable screen on December 26. Unfortunately, the company said in an emailed statement that it has to delay pre-orders and the phone's January launch because of high demand.

Since its announcement in November, the new Motorola Razr has received unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers. Demand has been high, and as a result, has quickly outgrown supply predictions.

Motorola has decided to adjust Razr's presale and launch timing to better meet consumer demand. We are working to determine the appropriate quantity and schedule to ensure that more consumers have access to Razr at launch.

We do not anticipate a significant shift from our original availability timeline.

The company does not expect the postponement to be too extended but was vague about how long we would have to wait for more information on release timing.

The high demand is not that surprising. When Motorola unveiled the rebooted Razr flip phone back in November (after numerous leaks), our first impressions were that the phone maker is taking foldable-screen technology in the right direction.

When everyone else is trying to make full-sized smartphones that convert into tablets, Moto comes along and says, "No. We're going to make a full-size smartphone more compact."

This vision makes more sense. A folding phone that is also a tablet is a novelty. A folding smartphone that fits better in your pocket is practical. Plus, there is the nostalgia factor. We miss our clamshells.

That said, Motorola still has a long way to go to prove the phone is worthy of the $1,500 price tag. Too many unknowns remain since it has not been released into the wild, like screen durability, dust protection, hinge mechanics, and overall performance.

Until some hands-on time is available, it's hard to justify throwing down a grand and a half on a device that might suffer a launch similar to Samsung's premature release of the Galaxy Fold. Of course, this does not dissuade many early adopters, as is evidenced by the forced delay.