In a nutshell: A small group of "poor student" modders calling themselves "The Floo Network" are creating a full-fledged Harry Potter roleplaying game within the vanilla version of Minecraft. It will feature recreations of Hogwarts, as well as puzzles to solve, quests to complete, a Diagon Alley shop, and the Quidditch pitch.

Dubbed "Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," it started as detailed recreations of settings from the Harry Potter movies and books --- an ambitious project in and of itself. Since then, it has evolved into the idea of an RPG driven by the vanilla Minecraft engine.

We have seen stunning creations within Minecraft before. Just last month, we covered Elysium Fire's Cyberpunk 2077 inspired massive futuristic city. However, unlike the cybercity, many of the buildings in The Floo Network's creation will be explorable, as you can see in the 30-minutes of gameplay the group has posted (below).

The modders plan to release the game for free but have set up a Patreon account for those who would like to contribute to their work. Donations will give users access to the group's Discord channel, where they can provide feedback and input that the team may use. Members will also have access to the behind-the-scenes development of the project, rank badges and colors, and early access (for top-tier supporters) to the game.

The Floo Network hopes to have some of the playable areas done by the end of January, including the Great Hall and Hagrid's Hut. They don't have a solid release date, however.

Unfortunately, the mod does bend copyrights in several areas. As is the problem with projects like this, The Floo Network might end up being served a cease and desist order now that word is getting around. Copyright owners Warner Bros and Pottermore may leave the devs alone, but you might not want to hold your breath on that one.