The big picture: Chromebooks aren't known for being power punchers in the hardware department but that is expected to change, especially as AMD-powered Chromebooks trickle down into the market. The inability to run the latest games could end up being the effort's biggest shortcoming but maybe enough casual / older games would be compatible to look past that?

Valve's popular Steam digital distribution platform is coming to Chromebooks.

As part of a wide-ranging interview during CES, Kan Liu, director of product management for Google's Chrome OS, told Android Police that the Chrome team is working to bring Steam to Chromebooks. Liu stopped short of providing a timeline for the project but did confirm that it would be enabled by Chrome OS's Linux compatibility.

The executive reportedly implied, but didn't directly confirm, that Google was working in tandem with Valve on the effort.

Such a partnership seems like it could be a good fit. Valve is reportedly motivated by the fact that Steam could be the first official gaming storefront on the platform. Steam is also facing increased competition from companies like Microsoft and Epic on Windows meaning now might be the right time to explore other avenues.

Liu told Android Police that gaming is the single most popular category of downloads on the Play Store for Chromebook users.

Masthead credit: Steam by Casimiro PT. Chromebook by loocmill.