In a nutshell: The Lego Idea platform has delivered once again. This crowdsourced hub for “the next big hit” on Tuesday introduced the International Space Station kit that’s sure to dazzle Lego collectors and space buffs alike.

The 864-piece kit features the space station itself complete with two rotating joints and eight adjustable solar panels as well as a posable Canadarm2 robotic arm. The kit includes a stand, two astronaut microfigures, a mini NASA space shuttle and three mini cargo spacecraft.

Fully constructed, the model measures 12 inches long, 19 inches wide and over seven inches high.

You also get a 148-page booklet loaded with facts about the ISS as well as the model’s creator and designer.

Lego’s Idea program has been a real boon for the brickmaker over the past decade. Just last month, for example, one fan submitted a design for Tesla’s recently unveiled Cybertruck that has already gained the backing of more than 10,000 supporters.

We’ve also witnessed Lego bricks continue to blend with pop culture. Several automakers have used the bricks to create life-sized replicas of real life cars. Fox is even set to premiere a Lego-based reality show next month called Lego Masters that’ll pit teams of enthusiasts against each other to see who can build the wildest, most elaborate creations.

The Lego International Space Station is recommended for ages 16 and older although I’m sure younger builders can get some enjoyment out of it as well if you’re willing to lend them a helping hand.