What just happened? After months of waiting, Motorola’s clamshell Razr phone is finally available to pre-order, with shipping scheduled to begin early next month. As we know from the Galaxy Fold, bendable smartphones are fragile, which is why the company has released a video to help buyers protect their $1,499 purchase.

Motorola has uploaded several videos to its YouTube channel that show off the Razr phone. The Caring for Razr clip is there so consumers can keep “the reinvented flip phone in iconic condition.” It starts by explaining that the Razr is water repellent but advises to wipe the handset with a dry cloth should it get wet.

While “bumps and lumps” were the first signs that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was about to break, Motorola says these are “normal” in the flexible plastic screen. It also advises to avoid sharp objects, which is good advice for any phone, and not to use a screen protector, which would likely result in the adhesive damaging the display.

Finally, we’re told to close the Razr before putting it in our pockets, reaffirming that this is a less durable device than most handsets.

The other videos focus on features such as the Quick View rear display and the camera. There’s also an unboxing clip showing off the carry case, turbo power charger, and the wired Razr earbuds.

Unexpected high demand for the Razr phone meant the launch was delayed from the original January window to February 6, but it apparently won’t make that date either.

According to latest information, the foldable will ship on February 14 at the earliest on Verizon though that date keeps getting pushed (Update: the shipping date is now reported to be February 18). That's just days after Samsung’s Unpacked event where it’s expected to unveil the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip—a direct competitor to the Razr.