Rumor mill: Samsung has never been great at keeping secrets. In fact, leaks on upcoming products are so common that some suggest it's an intentional marketing ploy to generate hype, which I find to be a sound argument. Its newest folding phone is no exception.

As we have reported previously, Samsung's next foldable is rumored to be a clamshell-type phone akin to Motorola's Razr. Those rumors appear to have been confirmed if a leaked video is to be believed.

Mobile tipster Ben Geskin tweeted a short video of what he claims is a Galaxy Z Flip. The device looks quite different from the one that leaked last summer. Of course, one could chalk that up to continuous development.

When closed, the chrome pink device is about the size of your palm. On the front, it has a small date/time screen that sits to the left of the camera and is about the same size. It opens to reveal a display that is surprisingly taller than you would expect. At the top is a hole-punch camera rather than the notch we saw back in June.

The clamshell can be opened with one hand, and the hinge mechanics appear smooth. Likewise, it closes with a satisfying sounding snap. It is hard to tell without a closeup, but no wrinkles, creases, or bubbles are visible on the screen near the hinge, which is a good sign. As we saw with the Galaxy Fold, this area is likely to be the Achilles heel for foldable devices.

Geskin did not reveal any other details about the device, but we already suspect that specs will be around the midrange for smartphones. According to Max Weinbach, it should be about $100 less than its direct competitor, the Razr, which goes for $1,500.

Weinbach also said the Galaxy Z Flip is "likely" to launch on February 14. Samsung's Unpacked event on February 11 is also a likely candidate for a release date, but it is hard to say. Typically, manufacturers like to unveil well in advance of launch to gauge consumer response to pre-orders, but three days does not seem like much time for Samsung to get an idea of how much demand there will be for the phone.

My guess is Samsung will announce pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked, and it will begin shipping between February 18 and February 25. That or it will hit shelves the day it is unveiled, but I'm just speculating. We'll have to wait until next week's keynote to find out if I'm right.