WTF?! If you're considering buying a used Tesla with driver assistance features, make sure to check they're still present after purchase. According to a new report, a person who bought a second-hand Model S 75D found the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving (FSD) had been removed remotely by Tesla as part of a software update.

Update (2/14): Never underestimate the power of bad publicity. After Tesla removed driver assistance features from a second-hand Model S 75D following its purchase from a dealer, the company has restored the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving, blaming the incident on a "miscommunication."

Jalopnik details the case of a consumer who purchased a 2017 Tesla Model S on December 20 of last year from a third-party dealer. The car was sold at auction, where it was listed with the premium features, which cost a total of $8,000 when adding them to a new vehicle.

Tesla sold the car to the dealership on November 15, and on November 18, the company conducted an "audit" on the car remotely, which flagged Enhanced Autopilot and FSD for removal. After the Model S was bought, a software update was pushed out, disabling the features.

When the buyer contacted Tesla, they were told the car was "incorrectly configured for Autopilot versions that they did not pay for." The same reason was given for the removal of FSD, though Tesla generously offered to re-add the features for a price.

Image credit: Jalopnik

The move has been compared to someone buying a second-hand car and the manufacturer removing adaptive cruise control or A/C options because the previous owner paid for them. And as Engadget notes, Tesla's Terms of Use suggest the only feature tied to the user is Premium Connectivity, which can't be transferred.

What's especially strange is that when the buyer contacted a Tesla Used Vehicle Sales Advisor, they were told that if the features had been added, Tesla wouldn't remove them, even though it had.

It seems this wasn't an isolated incident, either. There are stories on Tesla's message boards of people having similar experiences.

It's been a busy few days for Tesla. The company's stock has rallied 60 percent, and CEO Elon Musk has suggested the next gigafactory will be built in Texas.