Facepalm: Apple's reputation for charging ridiculously high prices for its products hasn't been helped by the accessories for the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Monitor. In addition to charging $999 for the monitor's stand and $199 for the VESA mount adaptor, the Mac Pro's wheels cost $400. For that amount, you'd expect some pretty amazing wheels, but it seems they lack a basic feature: locks.

Apple unveiled the 2019 Mac Pro last June. It starts at $5,999, but those who want the top specs and all the accessories will be paying over $45,000. There’s also the $4,999 Pro Display XDR, and if you want its Pro Stand, expect to pay another $999—a price that drew gasps and laughter from the WWDC audience. There’s even a “nano-texture glass” coating option for the monitor that costs another $1,000 and can only be cleaned with a special, Apple-made cloth.

Another comically priced accessory is the $400 set of wheels for those who want some mobility in their Mac Pro. Apple often justifies its high-priced products by claiming their quality makes them worth it, but that’s a hard argument to swallow, considering the wheels don’t have locks on them.

As pointed out by YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee on Twitter, the lack of any locks means the Mac Pro can easily roll away on certain surfaces. So, don’t use the wheels if you keep the machine on your desk unless you want it to roll off and see your six-grand Mac smashed.

As parody account @JonyIveParody notes (via MacRumors), perhaps this is all a plan for Apple to release another product.