In brief: The highly-anticipated samurai action game from Sucker Punch will be hitting PS4 consoles in just a few months, as revealed in a gripping new story trailer.

Sony might be keeping mum about its PS5 reveal, but the company's current-gen exclusives (timed or otherwise) are certainly going to keep fans excited and busy in the upcoming months. With The Last of Us Part II arriving on May 29, gamers will have little time to spare before diving into Sucker Punch's engrossing samurai world that comes out a month later.

Ghost of Tsushima's setting and gameplay were previously shown off at E3 2018 and gave a glimpse into the life of Jin Sakai, a samurai in thirteenth-century Japan, who "must sacrifice everything to defeat the ruthless Mongol invaders and protect what's left of his home and people."

As is the case with Sony's first-party titles, the new story trailer offers exceptional visuals and most likely another memorable story of a fearless protagonist, whose uncle and trainer, Shimura, appears in the video, along with Khotun Khan, Mongol army commander and the game's main antagonist.

The game is now up for pre-order, and an announcement on the PlayStation blog details three special editions of the game. These include a $69.99 'Digital Deluxe Edition,' a $69.99 'Special Edition' with a physical SteelBook, and the $169.99 'Collector's Edition' that comes with a replica mask, a 4.5 ft long war banner and a 48-page mini art book, among other items.