In brief: Apple will reportedly stick with the proprietary Lightning connector on its next-generation iPhone instead of shifting to the widely used USB-C interface according to one tech leaker. If true, it likely means that Apple will never produce an iPhone with USB-C as next year's models are expected to go portless.

On Twitter, Fudge said it was a shame that the USB-C prototype iPhone 12s weren’t making it into production. Instead, we are destined for at least one more year of the Lightning connector. The leaker added that starting with next year’s models, Apple will move to a port-free design featuring a smart connector.

Apple reportedly hasn’t started developing this model yet but according to the leaker, the intended way to charge the iPhone 13 will be through traditional wireless charging.

The Cupertino-based company has been nothing if not consistent with its connector usage over the years. Apple deployed its proprietary 30-pin connector on the original iPhone and subsequent models before transitioning to the smaller Lightning connector starting with the iPhone 5. While much smaller and reversible, many enthusiasts were upset with the change as it meant their 30-pin connector accessories were no longer compatible with newer handsets.

The Lightning connector has graced each and every iPhone released since 2012 but we’ve increasingly heard rumors about Apple’s desire to move to a portless design. If Fudge proves accurate, that’ll happen in 2021.

Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds, John Gress Media Inc