In brief: Moviegoers still not comfortable with the prospect of venturing out into theaters have plenty of alternative ways to take in flicks with friends and family. Hulu introduced its first social feature, Watch Party, last month for subscribers of its $12 per month no-ads plan. But what if you're on an extremely tight budget? Fret not as Fortnite has you covered.

Epic Games as part of its Party Royale game mode is hosting a Christopher Nolan-themed free movie night on Friday, June 26. The flick you'll be able to watch in-game will depend on where you are located. In the US, it appears as through the 2010 sci-fi action film Inception will be on offer at three different times throughout the day.

Users in other countries could see Batman Begins or The Prestige, depending on local licensing rights.

All three are excellent films although if given the choice, I'd personally have to go with The Prestige.

Epic said it wanted as many people to be able to experience movie night as possible but conceded that "navigating distribution rights for different countries and languages for full movies is challenging." As such, they couldn't reach everyone with the screenings so be sure to check the schedule in advance if you are interested in participating.

It probably goes without saying but Epic also reminded users that broadcasting or recording the movies during the screenings isn't allowed and that any such recordings will be subject to anti-piracy / DMCA regulations.