Update (7/1): After strong indications that Crysis Remastered was set for release as soon as this month, Crytek announced this morning that they're hard at work on the game, but development has been pushed by a few weeks.

The remaster will arrive to all platforms, including PC, consoles and even Nintendo Switch for the first time. Although the game's release date was never made official, there were various hints that pointed to a July or August date at the latest. After a trailer was leaked this week (watch below), Crytek says they're listening to feedback to make sure the remaster lives up to fans' expectations.

Are you excited about once again discovering if your PC can run Crysis? We now know when the remastered version of the game will arrive---July 23---and there's going to be a gameplay reveal tomorrow.

It was back in April when we finally got confirmation that the long-rumored Crysis remaster was on the way. Developer Crytek said it would be heading to all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch---quite a surprise for a game that was used as a benchmark for PC power due to its graphically intensive nature.

Crytek said the updated version would feature higher quality textures and new graphical bells and whistles, including its "native hardware and API-agnostic ray tracing solution," but never gave a release date. It's likely to be announced during the gameplay reveal, though a listing on the Microsoft Store spoils the surprise: Crysis Remastered arrives on July 23.

The store doesn't reveal much else, other than three screenshots and a description that boasts "remastered graphics optimized for a new generation of hardware."

We'll get to see just how good the 2020 version of Crysis looks when the official gameplay trailer drops on YouTube tomorrow, July 1, at 9 am PT/12 pm ET. You can head over there now and let people know how excited (or not) you are. A video purportedly showing the game has already appeared on some YouTube channels (below), but it could be a fake.

Personally, I love the Crysis titles, and used to replay the third game every time I got a new graphics card. Let's hope the remaster isn't a disappointment.