Editor's take: Dish Network on Wednesday officially entered the rat race that is the US wireless industry through its $1.4 billion purchase of Boost Mobile from T-Mobile. The acquisition opens the door for some potentially interesting bundles involving Sling TV, the Dish-owned over-the-top Internet television service, or perhaps even its traditional satellite business.

The new Boost is coming out of the gate hot. In addition to introducing a new logo, Dish said that customers will be able to sign up for the revitalized $hrink-It! Plan which starts at $45 per month for 15GB of data. After three months of consecutive, on-time payments, the rate drops by $5 per month. After six total on-time payments, it goes down by another $5. It's unclear if there will be additional rate cuts beyond the six-month mark.

Boost previously offered a shrinking bill plan years ago but discontinued it in July 2014.

Those who may not need that much data can opt for a 10GB plan that commands just $35 per month. Both new plans will be available starting tomorrow, July 2.

Dish's retail wireless business will be led by John Swieringa, a Dish executive with nearly 13 years of company experience.

With the Boost acquisition now complete, Dish said it suddenly has more than nine million customers. By comparison, AT&T had nearly 144 million subscribers in Q1 2020 while Verizon, the nation's largest carrier by customer count, had 151.48 million subscribers as of Q3 2019. The new T-Mobile hasn't yet shared its subscriber count following its merger with Sprint but it is expected to be up over 100 million.

Masthead credit: rafapress