Your thoughts: Is Netflix a product that has been around long enough that people are going to know by this point whether or not they want to pay for it? Is this just a move to deter those that exploit free trials indefinitely? Is Netflix making a mistake here by following Disney's lead?

Disney earlier this year made the controversial move to eliminate free trials with its new on-demand subscription video service. Now, Netflix is following suit.

The streaming giant on Tuesday confirmed to The Verge that it has eliminated the ability for interested parties to take the service for a test drive prior to shelling out money for a subscription.

The company had started phasing out free trials in other markets earlier this month but this is the first we have heard of the practice in the US.

A spokesperson told the publication they are considering other ways to promote content in the US to attract new members.

Indeed, there's now a portal where non-subscribers can check out some of Netflix's offerings free of charge. Visiting the site as of this writing, I see Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Bird Box and The Two Popes on offer, among others. To watch, simply press the "Play" button. No sign-ups or trials required.

Netflix is following Disney down the trial-free path, but not everyone is on board. Just last week, Apple extended free trials of Apple TV Plus for a few additional months, to February 2021. Clearly, not everyone approaches free trials the same.

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