In context: Last summer, Metal Gear Solid V players seemed to have achieved what was thought to be practically unachievable. They activated a secret cutscene that players have been unable to unlock for years. Now Konami is saying, "Not so fast."

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been around since 2015, and in all that time, the nuclear disarmament cutscene was only revealed twice---once when data miners discovered it and once when PC players activated it prematurely due to a server glitch. The cutscene is only unlocked when all the nuclear weapons on a regional server are disarmed.

The task is daunting and nearly impossible since it requires players to work together to deactivate all of the warheads, which could be in the thousands depending on server and platform. Then last summer, PlayStation 3 players finally triggered it legitimately---or so it seemed. Everybody celebrated, but the fiestas appear to have been premature.

On Wednesday, Konami announced via Twitter that the full nuclear disarmament was not legit. The publisher said that after investigating the event, it determined that the cutscene was triggered by at least one player's "improper conduct," a vague euphemism for cheating. Konami revoked the offending account. There may also have been others involved, as Konami said it would announce if it takes any additional action in the matter.

So it looks like it's back to square one again. Cold war never changes.