TL;DR: Mozilla on Tuesday published version 82.0 of the Firefox web browser which introduces a number of enhancements and is said to be faster than ever. It also addresses a handful of security vulnerabilities, the majority of which are classified as "high" risk.

According to Mozilla, websites that use flexbox-based layouts now load 20 percent faster with the new Firefox. What's more, restoring a previous browsing session is 17 percent quicker than before, letting you pick up where you left off without too much disruption. And for Windows users specifically, opening a new window is now 10 percent faster.

Watching videos with Firefox 82 is now "more delightful" thanks to an improved Picture-in-Picture button that is easier to locate due to a new look and position. There's also a new keyboard shortcut for Mac users to enable PiP (Option + Command + Shift + Right bracket).

In Windows, Firefox can now take advantage of DirectComposition for hardware decoded video to improve CPU and GPU usage during playback. On laptops, this can lead to improved battery life, we're told.

Mozilla's Firefox was once a major player in the browser wars but that was many moons ago. According to NetMarketShare, Firefox's desktop market share currently sits at 7.60 percent. StatCounter has Firefox down to just 4.09 percent worldwide. Both firms have Chrome outpacing the competition by a wide margin, at 69.19 percent and 66.34 percent, respectively.

If you're interested in taking Firefox 82 out for a spin, you can grab a copy from our downloads section.

Image credit: Michael Vi, PixieMe