Nostalgia: With the beautiful modern graphics of Call of Duty or Battlefield, it's easy to forget where the first person shooter genre started. Fortunately, we can all take a collective walk down memory lane with YouTuber 4096's latest video: "first person shooter." It's a collection of short clips from FPS games dating back to the original Wolfenstein, but that description alone is selling the video short.

To say the video is well-edited would be a drastic understatement -- it's a masterclass in clip transitions, with each piece of game footage perfectly linking to the next.

Some of the transitions are so smooth that, at multiple points, I failed to notice the video had already moved on to the next game and had to rewind. If you watch it yourself, you'll see what I'm talking about. The swap between Mirror's Edge and Portal at the 2:26 mark is particularly impressive.

Clever editing tricks aside, first person shooter is a great way to get a quick dose of nostalgia and marvel at just how far this genre of video games has come. And, now that next-gen consoles have finally arrived, we can speculate as to where shooters might go over the next five or ten years.

If you find the time to watch 4096's latest creation, feel free to drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts on the YouTuber's editing skills. Alternatively, let us know what your favorite shooter of all time is -- mine is probably Call of Duty: World at War.

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