Recap: A game eight years in the making, Cyberpunk 2077 was recently met with a disastrous launch. The game is riddled with bugs, and the performance on PS4 and Xbox One consoles was laughably bad. The outcry over the game became so loud, that CD Projekt Red directed customers to seek a refund in a public apology. This in turn led customers to flood Sony and Microsoft with refund requests, and subsequently, Sony responding by offering full refunds -- and taking Cyberpunk 2077 off of the PlayStation Store until further notice.

It seems the ride isn't over yet. And while we're all but hoping for a happy ending and a transformative process No Man's Sky-style, according to a report from The New York Times, there’s the real possibility of one or more class-action lawsuits in the aftermath of CD Projekt Red's tumultuous Cyberpunk 2077 launch.

It should be noted that while the game is still getting patched, and that's somewhat to be expected given its open world nature, your mileage will vary on how bad gameplay and bugs present themselves. For once, the PC appears to have received the better and more polished version, while next-gen consoles are better off, too.

While there’s not much to go on now, at least one future lawsuit is being investigated under the possibility of crimes committed that would violate Article 286 of Poland’s Penal Code. Article 286 seems to deal with misrepresentation or exploitation for the purposes of financial gain.

Separately, Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP, a law firm out of New York, is also looking into a possible class-action lawsuit. According to its website, the firm specializes in securities and shareholder litigation.

It seems that in order for the lawsuits to materialize, they will hinge on proving that CD Projekt intentionally misled investors and shareholders.