WTF?! Game companies know that some fans will pay a lot of money for merchandise related to their titles. Capcom's an expert in this area: the publisher is once again selling a very expensive replica coat worn by a Resident Evil character.

The unremarkable wool coat is priced at 159,731 yen on Capcom's Japanese website. That's just over $1,500---quite a lot for something that doesn't even have buttons. But it does look like the one Chris Redfield wears in Resident Evil Village, completely justifying the cost.

The coat comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes. There's also an "Original Model" option that's even larger and is supposed to match Redfield's in-game proportions. Kotaku writes that this version is more closely modeled on the actual piece of clothing 3D-scanned into the game.

The coat is available on its own and as part of two different collectors editions containing the likes of a statue, replica lockbox, map, etc. The cheapest of these is $1,634, while the one with a lockbox is $1,855.

Capcom is no stranger to selling expensive coats worn by Resi characters. It sold Leon Kennedy's Resident Evil 4 bomber jacket for $1,200 in 2016, and his leather jacket from Resident Evil 6 went for $1,000.

Despite their high prices, these types of items are popular. Last year, a $1,900 Death Stranding jacket complete with multi-position storm collar, storm hood, and plenty of zippers quickly sold out after going on sale. There was also an $8,000 Ultra Limited Edition of Devil May Cry 5 that came with Dante's jacket.

Paying nearly $2,000 is a big outlay for any game's collector's edition, though it pales in comparison to Dying Light's Spotlight Edition from 2016 that promised buyers a part in the movie based on the game, which still hasn't appeared. It's unclear whether anyone ever paid the $10 million asking price.

You can watch the entire Resident Evil Village showcase, including the latest gameplay trailer, here.