A terrible tragedy: Professional CoD Mobile player Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, aka "Sol," has been murdered by another player in Brazil. The killer, who reportedly planned the attack weeks in advance, filmed the act and shared it via WhatsApp.

According to a report by R7, 19-year-old Silva was murdered by a male player called Guilherme Alves Costa, also known as "Flashlight," after the pair met online. Having discovered a book in which Costa wrote down what he wanted to do to the victim, police deemed the act to be premeditated.

He confessed to the killing during his arrest, stating that his "sanity is completely apt." When asked what motivated the murder, Costa said he "wanted to do this."

In addition to carefully planning the murder beforehand, Costa recorded the crime and shared it with the Gamers Elite organization's WhatsApp Group.

"This Monday afternoon, [Guilherme] sent a video on the organization's group on WhatsApp in which he supposedly had just killed a woman, filmed and shared the video," the group wrote in an Instagram post. "He also sent a PDF where he leaves messages of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism. After the clan leadership became aware of what happened, we organized ourselves and took necessary measures: We informed the appropriate authorities and asked all our members not to share the video of the alleged crime."

According to Rod Breslau, an eSports consultant and insider, a professor in Brazil was sent an email by Costa titled "a commendable act" that promised new attacks. It included links to videos that the recipient refused to open or share.

Silva was a member of the FBI eSports team. A spokesperson said, "She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises, every day that the sunlight touches our body, every time we look at the Sun, we will remember her."

Breslau tweeted that according to the IPEA's Atlas of Violence 2020, a woman was murdered in Brazil every two hours in 2018, totalling 4,519 victims.

In 2017, a $1.50 wager over a Call of Duty match led to the death of a man who wasn't even involved in the game. Tyler Barriss was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for the swatting incident that saw 28-year-old Andrew Finch killed by police.