In a nutshell: AMD is dominating Amazon's best-selling CPU chart, despite Intel offering discounts on several of its chips and some of team red's processors selling above MSRP. AMD has been eroding Intel's share of the CPU market for years. The former's chips are now found in 30% of Steam users' PCs, while other reports have also shown team blue losing ground to its rival.

With Intel having the advantage of owning its fabs, the company has avoided many of the availability issues caused by the global chip shortage. It's even reduced many of its top processors at a time when PC component prices are skyrocketing. So, one might imagine the Core range is taking up most of the slots on Amazon's best-selling CPU list. But no---it's AMD that dominates, holding seven of the top eight places.

In the number one position is the Ryzen 7 3700X. The Zen 2 processor launched in July 2019 with a MSRP of $329. It's actually down to $308 on Amazon, though at the time of writing, there are only nine left in stock. Sitting behind this processor is the Ryzen 9 5900X. The Zen 3 chip is only available from third-party sellers starting at $800, which is quite a price bump over the $549 MSRP. Still, people are obviously buying it.

The highest Intel entry in the top ten is its Intel Core i7-10700K (sixth) that recently saw a price drop from $387 to $319. Chipzilla also has CPUs in ninth place (Core i5-10600K) and tenth (Core i5-9600K).

Despite only arriving last month, Intel has already reduced some of its 11th-gen Rocket Lake chips, possibly due in part to the mixed reviews several of the CPUs received. News that AMD remains more popular on the world's largest online retail site might leave Intel wondering what else it can do to improve its standing.

Hat tip: TechnoSports