Something to look forward to: Nvidia utilized Gamescom 2021 as an opportunity to show off its ray tracing and DLSS technology in more than a dozen games, several of which are revealing these features for the first time. We already knew about games like Battlefield 2042, Black Myth: Wukong, and The Ascent supporting the Nvidia features, but the company is now showing off ray tracing and DLSS for some upcoming and already available games.

Detailing all the games in a press release, Nvidia revealed a new scene from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy demonstrating ray tracing and DLSS at 4K on an RTX 3080. The game launches on October 26 and will also be on GeForce Now.

Nvidia also showed off the effects of ray tracing and DLSS in Dying Light 2, which according to Steamdb is the most wishlisted game on Steam right now. The new video covers the game's global illumination, ray-traced shadows, ray-traced reflections, and how the ray tracing applies to the dynamic day-night system. It comes out this December.

Last month Cyan announced it's bringing the VR version of Myst to PC and Mac soon without the requirement of a headset, and Nvidia just confirmed it's bringing ray tracing and DLSS to this new version. Nvidia's own benchmarks claim to double the remastered Myst's framerate in DLSS performance mode, and Nvidia says DLSS should allow VR mode to be played at 4,864 x 2,448 resolution at 90 frames per second. The PC and Mac versions of the remaster launch later this week.

Bright Memory: Infinite, which comes out later this year, also got a new trailer from Nvidia, which shows off its global illumination along with ray-traced reflections, shadows, and caustics.

Another upcoming game that Nvidia revealed will get similar features is Loopmancer, which debuted at E3 this year. Grit: Wild West Battle Royale, launching on September 1st, will support DLSS as Nvidia demonstrated in a new video. Nvidia also included a new trailer to confirm it's bringing DLSS to Chivalry 2 in a future update.

Nvidia took this time to remind people it's bundling Battlefield 2042 with RTX 30 series graphics cards, and pointed out the new trailer for Black Myth: Wukong that it revealed last week.