Why it matters: PC gamers are looking forward to a slew of exciting upcoming titles, but which ones are at the top of people’s must-buy list? One indication is Steam’s most-wishlisted games, which contain plenty of expected names alongside a few surprises.

Sitting in the number one position as the most hotly anticipated game is Dying Light 2. The first-person ‘parkour meets zombies’ title has been delayed several times but is now set to arrive on December 7. There’s plenty of hype surrounding it, and what we’ve seen so far looks good. As noted by PC Gamer, this makes comparisons with Cyberpunk 2077 inevitable. Hopefully, Dying Light 2 will receive a better reception than CD Projekt Red’s RPG.

A somewhat surprising entry in second place is Amazon’s New World. The recent beta gained attention over its ability to kill some EVGA RTX 3090 cards, but that didn’t put off the hundreds of thousands of people who took part. The MMO's launch was also delayed recently, from August 31 to September 28.

Sitting below New World is Battlefield 2042, which is being given away in an RTX 30 Series bundle, while Back 4 Blood is in fourth. The latter’s closed beta attracted almost 100,000 concurrent Steam players, so expect the full release to be very popular.

Other names include Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 in seventh place, despite the numerous delays, problems, and confirmation that it won’t release this year. There’s also Total War: Warhammer III (9), STALKER 2 (10), Kerbal Space Program 2 (11), and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (12).

Further down the list is Elden Ring (20), Atomic Heart (23), Company of Heroes 3 (25), and Frostpunk 2 (28). Interestingly, the heavily promoted Deathloop from Bethesda Softworks only managed the 39th position.

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