Facepalm: It's been nearly three weeks since Gigabyte publicly addressed issues concerning its GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies. Only now, however, has the company actually gotten around to putting up an exchange / refund request form. Apparently, the company's recent data breach slowed its plans considerably.

If you recall, the two models in question had been reported by hardware reviewers and buyers alike to have serious quality concerns. Gamers Nexus tested several models and a whopping 50 percent of them failed in an "explosive capacity." Furthermore, the team blew three load-testing fuses in the process.

Over on Newegg, the 850W model has 40 one-egg ratings while the 750W unit has 169 one-egg ratings as of this writing.

Gigabyte on August 13 adjusted the over power protection (OPP) feature on the PSUs. Per Gigabyte's release, this feature is "designed to shut down the unit when the power load exceeds the wattage the unit was designed to operate within." The OPP was set to 120 percent to 150 percent on both units, which works out to 1,020W - 1,300W on the 850W unit and 900W - 1,125W on the 750W model.

Gigabyte lowered the trigger range to 110 percent to 120 percent, or 950W - 1,050W and 825W - 925W on the 850W and 750W models, respectively.

The company also announced a return and exchange program for users with potentially impacted power supplies. For the 850, your serial number must be between SN20343G031011 and SN20513G022635. For the 750, the coverage range is SN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430.

As outlined on the page, you'll need to contact your vendor or reseller if you bought from an authorized Gigabyte reseller. If you're dealing with an authorized resellers that isn't participating in exchanges or refunds directly, you'll have to go through Gigabyte. Unfortunately, if you purchased from a non-authorized platform like eBay or Amazon marketplace, you'll only be eligible for a replacement, not a refund.

Full details can be found over on Gigabyte's website.