Phone wars: Google and Apple are far from friends, and the two companies do all they can to sway each other's loyal customers into playing for the opposite team. Google hopes to make that process as simple as possible for potential Android converts among the iOS userbase with its new "Switch to Android" app, now seemingly available across the globe.

The idea behind the app is simple: to reduce friction for iOS users looking to make the jump to Android. It allows iPhone owners to quickly and securely move their data – including photos, contacts, calendar events, and videos – to a new Android device cable-free. It also contains what Google calls "helpful tips" for the transition and even includes a function to help you transfer your photos from iCloud to Google Photos.

Strangely, Google hasn't announced the Switch to Android app's availability – not on the Android website's "Switch" page, nor on the official Google blog. That announcement could still arrive at a later date, but perhaps the tech giant will continue to keep it under wraps moving forward.

Google's silence aside, this app ought to be a boon for any iOS user looking to change up their mobile ecosystem. It simplifies much of the OS transition process, which can be overwhelming to some, particularly those who have stuck to iOS (or other Apple products) for most of their life. The fact that the process is entirely wireless is also pretty handy – that means you don't need a PC or a cable as an intermediary.

To be clear, Google isn't doing anything revolutionary here. Apple already had the same idea years ago when it launched the "Move to iOS" app for Android. Indeed, Apple's app appears to be a bit better than Google's. In addition to moving photos, contacts, calendar events, and videos, it can transfer web bookmarks, mail accounts, and your message history.

Masthead credit: Denny Müller