Rumor mill: AMD recently revealed some details about its upcoming RDNA 3-based Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards, but we still don't know the all-important launch dates. According to a regular and reliable leaker, they will arrive sometime between late October and mid-November, just after the company releases its Zen 4-powered Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

Those dates come from a tweet by Greymon55 (via VideoCardz), who cites a "reliable" source. The leaker believes the cards will arrive very soon after the Ryzen 7000 processors that land sometime between late September and early October, leaving little time between the two launches.

It's believed that AMD will release the Navi 31 GPU for the flagship Radeon RX 7900 series first, followed by the Navi 33- and Navi 32-based cards. This is similar to Nvidia's reported plans to launch the powerful RTX 4090 first, followed by the 4080, 4070, then 4060.

Speaking of team green, AMD's rumored card launch dates would likely clash with Nvidia's. The latest reports claim the RTX 4090 will land in September or October, with a four-week interval between each subsequent release.

While all of these dates are just rumors and should be taken with a heavy dose of salt, it seems like a safe bet that Intel will beat both companies to market with its Arc desktop GPUs, which, despite the recently announced delay, are still expected in late summer.

AMD recently showed off its CPU and GPU roadmaps. They confirm rumors that the 5nm RDNA 3 cards will return to a chiplet design and feature DisplayPort 2.0 support to deliver uncompressed 4K gaming at 240Hz, thanks to the 80Gbps of bandwidth.