In brief: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is only a few months away, which means Samsung is trying to tempt people into buying up the remaining Z Fold 3 stock before its successor gets here. The company is giving buyers up to $1,200 off the current foldable if they trade in their old device, even one with a cracked screen, and it's throwing in a Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch to sweeten the deal even more.

Companies often give their products one final sales push before the latest versions arrive, much like AMD is doing with its Raise The Game bundle. It appears that Samsung is taking this action with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung has been offering trade-in discounts on the foldable, which still starts at $1,800, for a while now, but it recently increased the amount you can get for your old device up to $1,200. That maximum trade-in price is reserved for Galaxy Z Fold 2 phones. The previous-gen Z Fold sells for around $700-$800, so it's a pretty good deal.

In addition to its own phones, Samsung is offering money off the Z Fold 3 when trading in Apple, Google, LG, Motorola, and OnePlus phones. You can also hand in Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft tablets, as well as Samsung and Apple smartwatches.

These trade-in deals usually come with the caveat that the device must have no damage to the screen, but Samsung says it will still offer the credit even when a display is cracked.

If all that still hasn't convinced you, buying the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also comes with the benefit of a free Galaxy Watch 4, available in different models, colors, and band types, but not sizes (40mm only).

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 looks set to be announced in August, with its launch coming in the same month or September. One of the upgrades is expected to be a less obvious crease in the middle of the display.

h/t: 9to5Google