What just happened? Newegg is taking advantage of the falling prices and improved availability of graphics cards by launching a retail site dedicated entirely to GPUs. Visitors to JustGPU.com not only get to search for cards based on a number of different specs, such as memory size and maximum length, but can also use the benchmarking tool that includes FPS figures for popular games.

After what feels like an eternity of graphics cards being so expensive they reached three times MSRP, we're finally seeing the market normalize. Some cards are now below MSRP, and Nvidia is reducing prices to clear an excess of stock.

Newegg wants to make the process of buying a GPU a lot simpler with its JustGPU.com site. The landing page offers the option of jumping straight into the store, trying the benchmark tool, seeing the five most popular AIB makers' products, and checking out some exclusive sales; the Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6800, a card we awarded 95 in our review, is down to just $599.

The shopping section has an extensive number of search parameters, from usuals such as card type, manufacturer, and price, to more technical information such as core and boost clock, recommended PSU wattage, and slot width. The site is only selling current-gen RTX 3000 and Radeon RX 6000 cards, though.

Probably the most interesting part of JustGPU.com is the benchmark tool. It allows users to select cards from different manufacturers and compare their specs, game performance, and Time Spy score. It's especially useful if you want to buy a particular card, say an RTX 3080, from a specific manufacturer but want to see how the different brands match up.

Newegg says that both the given framerates and Time Spy scores are estimations based on system configurations. The data is provided by 3DMark directly and not Newegg, so the actual results may vary.

Newegg has also provided slightly more in-depth information on each card's gaming performance. Clicking on the box at the bottom of each listing directs to a section where visitors can pick their preferred resolution and CPU. However, the latter choice is limited to Intel or Ryzen 5, 7, and 9, rather than specific processor models, but the results still give a ballpark figure. Check out our reviews and comparisons if you want more accurate results.

Newegg launched a feature on its main site last month that allows visitors looking to buy a pre-built PC to pick a model based on their preferred resolution and four favorite games. Again, the accuracy of the FPS/Time Spy results may vary as they are just estimates.