Auto industry players experimented with an array of alternative power sources this year in a continued effort to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Others turned to the past for inspiration and it seems clear that security is going to be a key concern for new vehicles moving forward.

Tesla owner refuses to pay over $21,000 for a new battery, gets locked out of his car

"Stay the f**k away from Teslas"

A Tesla owner has seen his TikTok video about the car's apparent shortcomings go viral. Mario Zelaya said that he had been locked out of his Tesla Model S after the battery died, which would have cost him $21,000 to replace.

Magnetic levitation: Maglev car tests reach 140mph

The technology could increase cars' longevity and range

When people discuss maglev technology, it usually concerns train systems where it is known for allowing incredible speeds. Recent tests have explored the potential advantages maglev rails could bring to cars. The trials are early, but the results are promising.

First US road that charges electric vehicles while they drive will be ready next year

Wireless charging for EVs

While the cost doesn't make it reasonable to build massive highways that can wirelessly charge EVs, the system could still be helpful for bus routes, traffic lights, or roads where people spend a lot of time stuck in traffic.

Vulnerability allows hackers to unlock and start Honda cars remotely

The keyless entry vulnerability could potentially impact other non-Honda makes and models

Researchers recently uncovered a vulnerability that could allow hackers to unlock and start multiple Honda vehicle models remotely. The impacted model list identifies 10 of Honda's most popular models as vulnerable. To make matters worse, the current findings lead researchers to believe that the vulnerability could be present on all Honda vehicles from 2012 through 2022.

Apple Car supposedly features no steering wheel or brakes, has inward-facing seats

Project has faced nearly a decade of setbacks

Rumors about Apple's attempts to produce a self-driving electronic vehicle have swirled for years. A new report lays out the history of the company's troubled "Project Titan" and reveals some fascinating details about its design, including its lack of a steering wheel.

Hyundai reveals electric-hydrogen hybrid concept car with a retro design

Inspired by the company's Pony Coupe concept from 1974

Hyundai's new EV concepts combine performance with unique looks. The N Vision 74 features a hydrogen fuel cell that can pump out up to 95 kW to help the 62.4 kWh battery power the motors. This hybrid design extends range without requiring a heavier battery pack, and you can refuel the hydrogen tanks in just a few minutes.

Lightyear announces the world's first production-ready solar car

Grab 40+ miles of range daily from the Sun

EV startup Lightyear has unveiled what it is calling the world's first production-ready solar car. The Lightyear 0 is targeting a very niche buyer that values efficiency over performance and won't mind paying an arm and a leg for it. Will it sell? We shall see.

Ford says the upcoming Mustang will be "much more difficult" to tune, thanks to beefed up cybersecurity

Seventh generation of the iconic muscle car might not please aftermarket tuners

Ford unveiled the latest S650 Mustang last month. The seventh-generation model is all-new inside and out, according to the US automaker. And while its new sleeker looks may take some time to settle in with fans, those who like to take their Mustangs to third-party tuners won't be as enthusiastic this time around because of Ford's tougher onboard security measures.

Autonomous driving tech falters in latest AAA safety tests

One step forward and two steps back for autonomous driving features

AAA recently conducted tests involving three vehicles equipped with an active driving assistance (Level 2) system: a 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe, a 2021 Subaru Forester and a 2020 Tesla Model 3, and the results aren't very encouraging as it relates to safety.

DeLorean shares first look at its gull-winged electric sedan

Zero to 88 MPH in 4.35 seconds

DeLorean Motor Company has revealed its vision for the Alpha 5, the company's first electric vehicle. The four-seater sedan borrows the gull-wing doors from the DMC-12 made famous in the Back to the Future film series but that is about all it shares with the original.