Something to look forward to: Nvidia's next entry in its Ada Lovelace line, the RTX 4070, looks set to launch in two days with a $599 MSRP. Now, what appears to be the first benchmarks for the card have arrived, and they put the RTX 4070's performance on par with the RTX 3080 when DLSS is enabled.

Videocardz has posted leaked Nvidia marketing materials showing the RTX 4070's April 13 launch date along with some (admittedly fuzzy) benchmark slides. These appear to be the typically vague ones Nvidia likes to show off, so there's the usual reminder to take them with a grain of salt.

According to team green, the RTX 4070 offers the same performance as the RTX 3080 at 1440p with ray tracing enabled. However, this is without frame generation and with both cards using their own version of DLSS.

The RTX 4070 will be 1.2x faster than RTX 3070 Ti and 1.3x faster than RTX 3070 (when DLSS2 is used). However, the addition of frame generation makes the RTX 4070 performance 1.4x, 1.7x, and 1.8x faster, respectively, than the Ampere-generation cards.

Another chart allegedly shows how the RTX 4070 stacks up again the RTX 3070 Ti and the RTX 2070 Super in several games at 1440p resolution with and without frame generation. Again, this is with DLSS and RT enabled in games that support it.

It's estimated that the RTX 4070 will be around 15% slower than the RTX 4070 Ti when it comes to games, though that figure could vary greatly depending on resolution and several other factors.

Nvidia is really pushing the RTX 4070's ability to reach 100fps@1440p with RT and DLSS 3 at a $599 price. However, as we've seen before, AIB cards are likely going to be a lot more expensive; Tom's Hardware reports that a Vietnamese retailer's prices for RTX 4070 partner cards start at $800 and go all the way up to $916. But unlike the RTX 4070 Ti, this non-Ti version will have a Founders Edition.

In related news, a recent Geekbench listing confirmed that the RTX 4070 would pack 5,888 CUDA cores and feature 12GB of memory. It's also said to consume just 186W while gaming.