Test System Specs & Power

Every NAS tested is filled with WD Red Pro 4TB hard drives unless specified otherwise. NAS devices with just two bays are tested using RAID1 while those supporting three or more drives will be tested using RAID5.

When benchmaking, the NAS device in question is connected directly to a Netgear GS108T v2 switch and the test PC is always our most high-end desktop using an SSD to read and write the data.

Our program copy test is comprised of many small non-compressed files ranging from just 1K up to 5000K in size (6104 files totaling 2.75GB). The game copy evaluation is a mixture of small and large, compressed and non-compressed files.

As expected, the power consumption figures for the Synology DS216+ are similar to the DS716+, the dual-core model saves just a few watts. Still with a maximum consumption of just 29 watts it's safe to say the DS216+ is a power efficient device.