Benchmarks: File Download Performance

Any modern NAS should be capable of maxing out a single Gigabit network connection when working with large files and this is indeed the case with the Synology DS216+. The DS216+ reached the same network limitation when using RAID1 as well as the SHR. Moreover, it was able to max out the connection running on either EXT4 or BTRFS.

The DS216+ matched the performance of the quad-core DS716+ in our game download test with a throughput of up to 84MB/s using the BTRFS file system and the hard drives in a RAID1 configuration.

Interestingly the DS216+ was much slower in our program download test when using the old EXT4 file system. Again, when formatted using BTRFS the DS216+ was able to match the DS716+ making it the fastest two-bay NAS tested to date.