Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

As was the case with the large single file download test, we find that the DS216+ has no trouble maxing out a single Gigabit network connection when uploading the same large file.

BTRFS sacrifices write performance in favour for greater data integrity and this is why the DS216+ performs slightly better with the older and frankly less desirable EXT4 file system. Moving over to the BTRFS we see that the DS216+ is again able to deliver similar performance to the DS716+ as well as the older DS713+, making it one of the fastest two-bay NAS devices tested.

The DS216+ pulls further ahead in the program upload test when using the EXT4 file system. That said, keep in mind the DS716+ has only been tested here using BTRFS, and with the same file system the DS216+ provided virtually the same result.